6.1 Introduction

To find out why e-commerce is called e-commerce, see e-commerce or e-business.

The titles of 20 beautiful examples of persuasive ecommerce design and 14 more examples of beautifully persuasive ecommerce design speak for themselves.

This research from Pew Research Center is as good as it gets online shopping and e-commerce.

6 software integrations to enhance your ecommerce platform is another article I’ve included not as an advert for the featured software, but to show readers the complexity of developing a major e-commerce site.

I could have put Instagram launches shoppable posts as it looks to play a bigger role in ecommerce in the chapter that covers marketing on social media, but I think it is better placed here.

Read my comments on Adidas Closes Stores To Double eCommerce Sales.

The Top Ecommerce Platforms by Market Share in 2018.

You might be a bit surprised at What is a good ecommerce conversion rate?.

The Top 5 Most Popular Categories Purchased Online Are.


6.2 Multi-channel retailing

Online is moving offline ... Warby Parker aims to run nearly 100 stores this year, as other Web shops follow.

Are people buying on social media?

6.3 Fulfilment

Despite popularity of e-commerce, returns remain a hassleis a newspaper story – but it does include some of the ways in which retailers are trying to address the issue of returns.

For folk who have worked in retail Retailers Crack Down on Return Fraud presents nothing new - but some digital marketers are new to retail.

Accessing Amazon’s and eBay’s delivery services.


6.4 Comparison Shopping engines, e-marketplaces and third-party shopping websites

20 Leading Global B2B Exchanges

11 Amazon Seller Tools to Manage Customer Feedback could also be in chapter 9.3.

Protect your brand on ecommerce marketplaces considers some of the negatives in using a third party website on which to sell your products.

58 Leading Online Marketplaces Worldwide.

The four pillars of a successful Amazon strategy.

Of course, sometimes being on your own website is best - Beardbrand Founder on Moving Away from Amazon.

Amazon’s new ‘Storefronts’ gives SMBs a dedicated channel to sell goes some way to explain Amazon's dominance of online shopping in the US. And as that dominance grows, the more dominant it will become. As a retailer that is anything but a major brand, why would you bother with your own website? [For part of the answer ... see the previous article].


6.5 The e-commerce website

The top Walmart and Amazon product page experiences of 2017

GO ONLINE *page 185* Innovative B2B e-commerce sites.

GO ONLINE *page 195* 10 customer experience soundbites from Jeff Bezo.

11 Ways Photos Harm Ecommerce Conversions.

13 examples of dark patterns in ecommerce checkouts.

13 creative call-to-action examples and reasons why they work.

Eight things your chatbot should never do.

This isn't the only chapter of the book in which I mention chatbots. However, it is the only section in which I question their effectiveness - as does Few Marketers Are Using AI Chatbots.

CASE STUDY Mountain Warehouse boosts revenues by 10% with personalisation.

9 Great Examples of How Brands are Using Chatbots.

What Shoppers Want From the Online Experience.

The New Ecommerce User Experience: Changes in Users’ Expectations.

Study: 79% of consumers want human-driven customer service.

Too many ads, clunky websites turning off digital shoppers.

7 Ways to Address Concerns of Online Shoppers.

I have included SEO: 6 Ways to Optimize Category Pages here but it could just as easily be in the SEO and website development chapters. There is some good - if basic - advice and I think it illustrates how closely web page development and SEO are linked.

Product pages are the new packaging suggests that the product web page serves the same purpose as packaging for products sold off the shelf in physical stores.